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San Francisco Airport Museum and Singapore Airlines

Posted on 12/09/2015

Last week we attended an event for Singapore Airlines. Did you know there is an Airline Museum at the San Francisco Airport? I did not, and was quite surprised to find it, and to see that our dinner and cocktail party was set up inside it. 

Singapore Airlines invited us out to see their new Premium Economy seats. They had four seats set up, and a couple flight attendants to help us with all the bells and whistles. Normally I fly coach - okay, let's be real - I always fly coach. But these premium economy seats are right up my alley. Comfort and a pretty good bargain. They'd be a few hundred dollars more per flight, but you get all these perks - wider seats, extra leg room, leg and foot rests, power outlets, bigger TV, side tray table so you don't get bumped from behind, glass of champagne, expanded menu with ability to order a la carte ahead of time, bendable independent reading lights, and there is a center console of sorts, so that no matter who you sit next to their thigh won't become best friends with yours. Sign me up! Long flights are such a pain these days, so this seems like a no brainer to me. 

Singapore Airlines is known for their great service, and the dinner proved that. Friendly people and great food. Very nice event. 

The museum itself is somewhat small, and the exhibits are all around the room encased in glass. They have old flight attendant uniforms, pictures from the golden era of travel, old pieces of luggage, and other memorabilia from the old airlines. Makes you nostalgic. Makes me want to dress up a bit when I travel and try to make more of an event out of it than something I'm dragged to kicking and screaming. 

Also reminds you how few airlines there are these days. 

Great event. 

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